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Bam The Eastern Gate of Iranian Civilization

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The Eastern ate of Iranian Civilization

   Bam is located in the southeast of Kerman province, on the edge of Lut desert and at the end of the eastern slopes of the Jabal Barez mountain range. In the past, Bam was known as “Arba’a Province”, that means “quadruple region” which included four regions of Bam, Normashir, Rigan and Fahraj, and today each of these provinces is divided into the separate cities. But it is certain that their common historical roots have led to many cultural similarities between them.

   Initially, the focus of residence was inside the citadel of Bam, and gradually people moved to the outer city. Some people hear the name of Bam, images of desert and dry and waterless environment and grass come to mind while Bam is in a fertile area. In a wide foothill plain with a distance of not far from the mountains of three thousand meters and even higher, has a desert climate with access to beautiful summer areas.

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