Arg-e-Bam Bam Vakil Comlex Bam Ameri House Henna House

Cultural Tourism

An Overview of The History and Culture of The Land

   Cultural Tourism is an important part of tourism because it covers a vast variety of tourists’ interests and their goal of travel. Visiting a historical place or museum, watching a traditional or religious ceremony and so on, all they are examples of cultural tourism which can familiarize you with the dominant culture of the destination.

   Most of Iran incoming tourists are classified as cultural tourists because they come to a very old land and one of the most important cradle of civilization


The Largest Adobe Building All Over The World

undoubtedly it is one of the ten top tourism attractions which Iran incoming tourists offer.

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Bam Vakil Complex

A Great Qajari Building in Bam

This Complex includes some public structures like Mosque, Caravanserai, Bazaar and Bath.

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Ameri House in Bam

The house of one of the Qajar rulers of Bam

The Son of Bam ruler in the beginning of Qajar built Ameri House.

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Henna Grinding House

With a Beautiful Architecture

It was a place to grind Henna harvested from Bam and its suburbs gardens in the last years of Qajar.

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