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Dark Tourism

Browse the sad history of a land

   Different parts of the world always suffer from natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, etc., or from man-made events such as war. These incidents are sometimes so great that they affect and even change the lives of the people living in the area. Years after this incident, other people travel there to visit that area and visit the sad monuments left from that tragic incident. This type of tourism is known as dark tourism or black tourism.

   On January 26, 2003, a terrible earthquake occurred in Bam, which killed more than 40,000 people(according to some statistics). Today, there are monuments of this incident in Bam that can remind visitors the earthquake after many years.

Remember Those Days

Bam after the earthquake

   Today in Bam, by walking through the memorable alleys and gardens, you will be reminded the atmosphere in which the people were not so long ago and were overwhelmed by the tragic earthquake.

   The doors and the walls of the citadel collapsed, but how surprising it was when the experts said that “the citadel was not damaged by the earthquake as people think, but it showed its authenticity.” The demolished sections were mostly rebuilt in recent years, and the more original sections were below the new ones that were less damaged.

   Perhaps the citadel tells the story of humans. Disasters shatter the appearance of our lives, but in fact God sent them to reveal the originality and authenticity of our existence and to destroy our belongings.

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