Persian Qanat

Amazing Iranian Technology

   In the arid and desert regions of Iran, from the past until now, people have formed and spent their lives in a constructive and sustainable interaction with their natural environment. One of the most important factors shaping this life is the existence of the Qanat system. This admirable and unique Iranian technology.

   The ancient Iranians invented Qanat to obtain water, especially in desert areas. In Qanats, water is extracted from underground sources by digging vertical wells and horizontal channels and sometimes they are led to a distance of more than 40 km to reach their “Mazhar” and appropriate place of use.

   This ancient method is still used in many parts of Iran. But in some of them, it is inextricably linked to people’s lives, which is considered as an important creator and survivor of their lives. “Bam and its cultural landscape” is a clear manifestation of such a region.

Eleven Prominant Qanat

among thousands of living Qanats